VM & P Naphtha

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  • Use for oil-based paint, varnish and enamel when a faster drying time is desired
  • It can also be used when spraying to help prevent runs
  • Cleans greasy, waxy machine parts. Excellent Cleaner And Degreaser.
  • Also Used As A Pre-paint Cleaner For Metal Surfaces
  • May also be used for cleaning dirt and oil from bare wood or cured varnish, lacquer or shellac finishes.
  • Cleaning Solvent and paint thinner.
    A fast drying substitute for paint thinner. It can be used for thinning oil-based paint, enamel and varnish. Its works great with sprayers to avoid runs & drips. When your project is done, use it to clean equipment and brushes. Cleans greasy, waxy machine parts
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