Advance ES400 XLP Carpet Extractor with deep clean

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  • Front mounted drain hose allows for faster and easier dumping for the operator. Integrated hand tool.
  • Floating brush head needs no adjusting, creating better carpet contact and improved water recovery.
  • Removable tank with stowable handle makes the re-filling process far less cumbersome.
  • Larger tank with increased water capacity provides extended cleaning time and fewer refills.
  • Warranty: 3 years parts, 2 years labor.
  • 18" path, 12 sol tank; 10 Rec tank: 120 psi; vac 1.5 hp 3-stage. Waterlift: 120"; Brush 1/3 hp; cord 50'
    Built on the industry leading AquaClean® platform, this multi-purpose machine is ideal for cleaning your high-traffic carpeted areas. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 10 Gal. Pump: 120 psi; Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp 3-stage. Waterlift: 120"; Brush motor: 1/3 hp; Power cable: 50'. Featuring LIFT™ as well as our Dual Cleaning Mode technologies, this machine allows you to perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with super-quick dry times. Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. Front mounted nozzle makes dumping much faster and easier for the operator. Simply flip a switch to easily shift from spotting to extraction mode. The removable, increased capacity tank along with the stowable handle make refilling much simpler.
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