Universal Absorbent Pad, 18"X16", 200/Bale

Item #: UNIPAD1816-200
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  • Made from 85 percent recycled/sustainable polypropylene
  • 18" Length x 16" Width, Gray (200 Per Bale)
    Heavy weight maintenance universal absorbent laminated pad. This is the sustainable option to meltblown polypropylene as it is made from 85 percent recycled polypropylene and is generally more durable then meltblown. It also features a construction very similar to single sided meltblown. This combines the best features found in a laminated pad, (no lint and durable) while reducing the slip problem associated with double sided laminated sorbents. These features make this pad a great sustainable polypropylene product. Made from 85 percent recycled/sustainable polypropylene the sorbent is made up of two layers that are sonically welded together. Top layer is made of a dark gray, no lint, durable spunbond polypropylene. Core/base layer is made from a combination of high loft meltblown fibers and no lint spunbond. Not as slippery as a fully laminated pad. Base layer is low slip making this a great product for foot traffic. Low linting. Because the top sheet is very durable and the bottom layer, low slip, this product makes a very good sorbent choice if foot traffic is expected, or when durability is needed. A maintenance format means this pad should only be used indoors. Fire retardant as per ASTM 726. Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all local, state and federal regulations. Basis weight: 275 gsm. Absorbency: 24 gallons oil and 20 gallons water. Base fiber: polypropylene.
    Price: $199.00