Tornado BR 18/11 Floor Scrubber with Gel Batteries

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  • Heavy-duty assembly featuring a four-sided rear blade with quick release lever to facilitate squeegee changes in 10 seconds or less! This ensures lower cost of ownership.
  • Cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture deep scrubbing through concetrated brush speeds of 1300 RPM. Six time higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush scrubbers.
  • On board charge makes recharging convenient and easy.
  • Spinning high speed brushes actually pull unit across floor making manuverablity quick and easy.
  • 18" cleaning path, 11 gal solution tank, 12 gal recovery tank, dual cylindrical brushes, 31" squeegee
    18" Walk-Behind scrubber with brush assist. Uses 2 counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. Brushes actually help pull machine along for almost effortless cleaning. Brushes spin at 1300 RPM with 50 lbs of scrub pressure. 17,969 square feet per hour cleaning rate. Machines has 11 gallon solution tank and 12 gallon recovery tank, simple operator interface. Exceptionally durable rotomolded polyethylene construction. Includes on-board battery charger. Comes with 1 pair of soft scrub brushes (K5762172). Low-profile sight line. Whisper Quiet 67 dB. Eco-friendly
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