Strip-X H.P. Low Odor Floor Stripper

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  • Extra heavy duty, non-ammonia formula penetrates burnished or spray buffed finishes and provides low foaming, uniform wetting with a pleasant scent
  • Fast acting formula that rinses free easily
  • Designed to work in minimal time for fast, uniform results with total emulsification of old finishes and build-up
  • Suitable for resilient or non-resilient floors, but should not be used on wood, cork or painted surfaces.
  • Excels with superior wetting, penetration and emulsification properties
  • High-power, low foaming, low odor, non-ammoniated floor finish remover.
    Incorporates a high-power, low foaming, low odor, formula of non-ammoniated surfactants together with re-emulsifier systems to quickly remove multiple layers of finish and easily rinse away. Use dilution up to: 13 oz/gal.
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