Steel Wool Pads Metrix #2 - Case of 12

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  • Gentle Abrasiveness – Unlike grit-based synthetic abrasives that scratch away material with sharp points, metal wool fibers perform like thousands of tiny planes on a surface.
  • Porosity – Steel wool pads are naturally porous. The dual density nature of the Pads holds material being removed while simultaneously delivering polishing compounds to the stone surface.
  • Durability – pads hold together under the most extreme conditions. You will not find a more durable and effective pad on the market today
  • Productivity – Time is money. Productivity is everything. Pads allow for the fastest blending of polishing compounds allowing for unmatched productivity.
  • Versatility – Choose just the right pad for the job. Pad and grade combinations for all the most common floor machines.
  • Industrial-Quality Steel Wool Pads. #2 Medium Coarse.
    Woven Steel wool pads are the premier steel wool pad used in the crystallization and polishing process of all types of natural stone surfaces. Pads are available in different grades, finer grades, #0 are used for buffing and polishing whereas the coarser grades #1-3 allow the operator to accomplish a combination of polishing and scratch removal as the surface dictates.
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