Sandia Sniper Carpet Extractor with Heat

Item #: 80-2500-H
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  • Powerful 2 stage vacuum motor with 2000 watt inline heater heats water to 200 degrees and 205: of water lift.
  • Unit has 2 power cords to accommodate power motor and heet and must be plugged into two separate power outlets.
  • 10" non-skid, non-marking wheels make stair climbing easy and does not scuff floors.
  • High performance motor stay cool with an innovative air intake that uses the vacuum's own cooling fans to pull cool outside air over the motors.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on body, 2-years on vacuum motors, 1-year on 200, 300, 500, 800 PSI pumps, 2-years on 100 PSI pump, 1-year on all electrical components, 90-days on tools and accessories.
  • 12 gallon tank, 500 psi, 2000 watt heater
    Maintain a welcoming and clean environment from the ground up with this Sandia 80-2500-H Sniper 2-stage heated corded carpet extractor! This machine promotes sanitary conditions in healthcare facilities, corporate offices, retail businesses, schools, and hotels by thoroughly and efficiently cleaning carpets. It features a 500 PSI pump that delivers extracting solution into carpets or rugs to remove soil, while the dual 2-stage vacuum motors provide up to 205" water lift for superior extraction and faster drying. In addition, the 2000W in-line heater raises the solution's temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a super-powered deep clean. Thanks to a unique air intake design, this machine's powerful motors stay cool as fans pull outside air over the motors to prevent overheating. The 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks enable you to complete larger carpet-cleaning jobs while reducing the downtime required for filling and dumping. In addition, this extractor's convenient waist-high controls eliminate the need to stoop down while using it. The controls are also recessed for added safety - while in use, in transit, and during storage. Built for your enduring use, this carpet extractor features a durable, roto-molded polyethylene body that resists dents, chips, and cracks. It also features 10" non-skid, non-marking wheels that won't scuff floors and make stair-climbing simpler. This unit includes (2) 25' 12/3-gauge safety power cords and requires a 115V connection to operate. Vacuum and solution hoses not included.
    Price: $2,899.00


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