Center Pull Towels - Premium

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  • Livi VPG Center-Pull Towels are made from sustainable, virgin rapidly renewable fiber product.
  • 7.4"X600' , 2 ply, fully embossed Center-pull towel provides an improved sensory hand feel which gives the ultimate look and feel.
  • The Livi VPG Center-pull Towel is superior in thickness and increased absorbency make this the perfect for high traffic Class A office buildings
  • 7.4"X600' sheet size and 6 rolls per case.
  • Produces a whiter, brighter, softer and greener product in its class.
  • 2-ply, 6 rolls per case, 600ft., 9" tall, 8" diameter
    A brighter, whiter premium center pull hand towel. Excellent quality and absorbancy compared to ther brands. 2-ply, 6 rolls per case, 600ft. per roll, each roll is 9" tall, 8" diameter. Case weight 20 lbs! Feel the difference!
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