Biodet ND32 Disinfectant - Lemon

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Hospital and Veterinary Grade Disinfectant
Biodet offers phosphate-free formula with neutral pH detergent and is used on hard or non-porous surfaces. Biodet is effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus), hepatitis B/C, influenza A, A2, herpes I/II, staph as well as veterinary applications such as pseudo rabies and canine distemper. With a light Lemon fragrance, Biodet ND32 helps to disinfects or deodorizes in one step. Recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, commercial and industrial institutions, office buildings, veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, zoos, federally inspected meat and poultry establishments, equine farms, tack shops, pet shops, airports, kennels, hotels, motels, poultry farms, turkey farms, dairy farms, hog farms, breeding stablishments, grooming establishments, and households. Disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes most hard, nonporous, inanimate surfaces.
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