Asphalt Release Agent

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  • USE ON: Dump Beds, Trucks, Rakes, Rollers, Spreaders, Shovels
  • PREVENTS SURFACES and saves time and money during clean up
  • EXTENDS THE WORKING LIFE of expensive tools and equipment
  • 100% Water soluble, non staining, safe to handle
  • Spray directly on truck beds and equipment that make contact with asphalt.
  • Stops asphalt from sticking to the surface of asphalt slides and truck beds.
    Provides a thin, heat-resistant shield that does not allow hot, sticky asphalt to adhere to surfaces. Asphalt will slide right off dump beds, rollers, spreaders, rakes, shovels and other surfaces. No hazardous diesel fuels, no harmful or noxious fumes. The special biodegradable formula is safe for both users and the environment, and it won't degrade the quality of the asphalt.
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